Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Grain Surfboard Construction Part 6

Today, I put on the deck of the surfboard. This requires putting 3m 5200 adhesive on the top of the frames and keel and putting Titebond III along the planed and sanded rails and then press the deck into the two glues.

Well, it went very well. I did 2 dry runs. The first one was to get all the clamps in the right spot. A side note: I used EVERY clamp I own on this step... And then the second pass was to get used to it and pick up some speed as the 5200 sets in about 20 min and I had to put the 5200 down, then the titebond down and then press the deck into the glue... The second run took 8 minutes. I think the final actual glue down took about 5-6 minutes.

Let the clamping begin!
Clamping the tail:

Same view with a view of the under carriage:

Clamped down from the nose:

Clamped down from the side:

Clamped down from the tail:

Clampdown action video:

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