Sunday, November 7, 2010

EPS Simmons Build

So... Got a little bug and decided to build something new.

It's a board modeled after the mini-simmons. Dims are: 6'4" x 19 1/2" N x 23" x 20" T x 3" thick.


Blank glued together and the outline drawn:

Rocker and thickness all planed out:

Roughed out from the tail:

Roughed out from the nose:

After roughing the shape out I sanded it until it was pretty smooth and then sealed it with lightweight Spackle.

Then laminated 2 layers of 4oz S glass to the bottom and deck:

After laminating and putting a fill coat on, I installed fin boxes (Probox) for my cool keel fins Brian at Greelight made:

One of the interesting things I installed was a gore-tex vented leash cup. This is so the air between the little foam pellets can escape as it expands and contracts - *should* help with keeping it from delaminating due to temperature / air pressure.

Vented leash plug installed:

Finished board (with initial design done on AKU):



Deck with my logo (BS):


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