Thursday, November 3, 2011

Quad Simm Thing gets more life...

So, couple of steps have happened since the last post.

First, I lightened up the frame by cutting out the inside pieces.

And then I got a killer package in the mail... A while back, I thought about it a little and reached out to the Grain surfboard guys about getting the deck planks and the rail strips from them. It turns out, that it is about 40% of the cost for me to get the local western red cedar and have them just cut the planks and strips -- and I had to fair the edges and make the bead/cove on the rail strips...

So - I took them up on the offer and got some gorgeous white cedar planks/rail strips! Stoked! Anyway, I did the bottom glue up today.

Strips set out with the frame:



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  1. I think you're turning Japanese. I think you're turning Japanese. I really think so.