Thursday, January 8, 2009

Grain surf board construction

Step 1: Create the rocker board.
So I go to Home Depot and pick out three very straight 2x6x8's and 12 2x2x8's (for cross members). I go through and cut one 2x6 into 2 17 inch segments. This makes the base 20 inches wide and I cut the 2x2's into 24 inch pieces for the cross members, and moving parts of the rocker table. This results in:

Unfortunately, it's warped. :( And I take it apart and put it back together after honing some pieces. Still warped - hopelessly.

SO - I disassemble the whole thing.

On to attempt #2. I go back to Home Depot and get a sheet of plywood and some much nicer dried out 1x2x8's. I put this together and I get this:

This time it is straight and as level as the floor is (which is a little off).

Step 2: Create the top and bottom skins for the board.
This is the first actual part that has to do with the surfboard. So, I get the planks together and get them on the new rocker table for assembly. This part goes forward with no problem.
Action photo:

Step 3: Creating the actual rocker part of the rocker table.
I did this first on the initial attempt at the table not realizing that it is probably better to do it AFTER gluing the flat parts together... Anyway, here is the assembled and setup rocker part of the rocker table.

Step 4: Gluing the frame together.
The next step was to glue the frame together. I did a couple test fits to insure that the pieces all went in right and re calibrated the rocker table as there is a single concave in the mid section and a double concave in the tail.
Here is the glued up frame drying on the rocker table.


  1. You must build a surfboard from the mightiest tree in the forest..... WITH..... a herring.

  2. You left out step 1: "Get 4 six packs of St. Arnolds and drink and drink. Then, when you are done, drink MORE!

  3. I got a wooden surfboard kit. It had a cedar tree seed, and a herring in it. The instructions said: 1) plant the seed.
    2) wait 20 years for the tree to grow
    3) drink and drink and drink lots of beer while waiting...