Saturday, February 14, 2009

Grain Surfboard Construction Part 11

Big sanding day today! Sanded the deck a little more to smooth it all out, then planned and sanded the rails to start the softening of the mid-nose rails. Also, I started the sanding on the bottom.

Me, the board, and a saw-dust covered garage:

New tool for cutting the rail outline:

I dropped it while putting it up and the one side exploded... :(
Nose side view:

Outline from side:

Nose from bottom:

Concaves in the tail:

Tail looking forward: (Aipa in the background -- model for the rails)

Mid rail toward tail:

Mid rail toward tail 2:


  1. I wonder who's gonna clean up all that sawdust! Maybe we can use the kittehs as dust mops! :O

  2. pretty slick! I vote for kitty torture.

  3. it's like a great big litter box!