Tuesday, March 9, 2010

There was blood, sweat, but no tears!

Today was, in my opinion, the hard part. The glue down of the frame to the planking. This board in particular was a challenge because of the deep double concave in the tail.

After much thought and testing, I reached out to the guys at Grain Surfboards and Mike from Grain was kind enough to help me out. His suggestion was to steam the wood using a big wet towel and an iron. From my experiments with this, this seems to keep more heat/moisture in the wood than other steaming methods I have tried. So, a big thank you to Mike!

So, tonight I enlisted in the help of my sweetie, Melanie and we started steaming and gluing and bending and pressing the frame into the wood. She now knows a lot more about putting a clamp down on a wooden surfboard.... So anther big thank you to Melanie!

Anyway, the planking is pressed into the frame with a generous layer of 5200 and my contours look awesome. Next part is to let it cure for a couple days and then start b/c stripping the rails.

Bonzer glued down from the tail:

Soft, curved Bonzer underbelly...

Red cedar curves:

View from the nose:

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