Sunday, April 25, 2010

Much Progress - Almost done!

Last post had the fin boxes installed and the board basically flushed out.

I sanded down the fin boxes and did some final adjustments.

Additionally, I added a vent screw 18" down from the nose that I got from home depot. It is a flange / screw combo with a brass screw and neoprene o-ring. I got this idea from Paul Jensen - master wood surfboard maker.

Also, I did the epoxy lamination coat and hot coat on the bottom and deck. The epoxy really brings out the color of the western red cedar... I used MAS Epoxy and some really high quality S-Glass.

Finished shape - deck:

Finished shape - bottom:

Deck with lamination coat:

Deck with hot-coat from tail:

Deck with hot-coat from nose:

So - my next steps are to drill the fin box loop and then sand the hot coat and apply a polyester gloss coat. I was on the fence, but my friend Thomas convinced me to go ahead with the poly gloss coat for UV protection and general gloss.

The board is very close to being finished. So, hopefully, the resin comes sooner rather than later and I can possibly have the board ready for the big swell this next weekend! :D :D :D

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