Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The board is finished. Since my last post, I put a poly gloss coat and polished it all up nice. :)

So here is the finished product:

This is the deck from the nose:

Side profile:

Deck from the tail:

Fin cluster:

Bottom from the nose:

Profile from nose:

Fin setup:

This board was well thought out and should ride quite well. I will post up when I have weighed it, but my initial estimation with the fins is just under 20 lbs. About the same as about a 9 or so foot longboard.

Wish I had finished last week so last Sunday could have been the initial trial - that would have been awesome...

Gonna have to watch next week when the longer fetch sets up and get out there after work... ;)


  1. How hard is it to clean crude oil off a wooden board? Maybe we could send B.P. an invoice?

  2. How does she ride so far? She looks like fun.