Thursday, March 18, 2010

Rail Strips Well Underway / Fin Box Blocking Installed

Over the past couple weeks, I have been putting rail strips on the board to create the curved rail of the board. It is fairly close to being complete. I think a couple more strips to go... Additionally, last night and tonight I glued the fin box backing. Later in the process, I am going to have to route some holes in the bottom to place the fin boxes. When I route them, I am going to have to place some blocking so I have something solid to epoxy the boxes into.

So, that said I need a couple things: a) some backing to route into... and b) some idea of where the backing is... The process for this is pretty easy, for the bonzer layout, the back fin box starts 12" from the tail at 1 1/2" from the rail with a toe in of 1/4" over 4". Then the next fin box starts 17" from the tail is 1 1/2" recessed toward the rail from the previous set. The final step of the fin box blocking is to drill a small hole or two through the deck to indicate exactly where the blocking is. Later, after the holes are routed, the holes can be filled with little pieces of wood or just resin, etc...

Tail of the board with the fin box blocking in place:

Tail with the fin box blocking in place (2):

Rails clamped down...

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