Sunday, March 21, 2010

Top planking has been glued down to the frame / rail strips

Today was a big day for putting together the board. I got several things accomplished.
Frist, I feathered the rail strips to the frame.
From the nose:

From the tail:

Then I trimmed up the deck so that it was a little easier to clamp it down to the frame and now feathered rails:

Then Melanie came out and she helped me glue the deck planking to the frame / feathered out rails. This is an interesting process - the way this is done is similar to the way that the frame was glued to the bottom planks. A bead of 5200 Marine adhesive is placed along the frame and then a bead of titebond is run around the feathered rail strips. Then the deck is placed on the board and lined up. Finally, we clamp it down. Once clamped down, we let it sit for a couple days.

Deck clamped from the nose:

From the tail:

Inside the board, there are a few things written. One of the things written are the dimensions of the board, the other things written are hopefully never revealed. ;)

There was a casualty to the clamping... One of the clamps broke while we were clamping the deck on. It was pretty dramatic.

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